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Okay, well, this is my 50th post, and I decided that people seem to like them party type things. So....seeing as how I'm trying to fight my status as a newbie, I thought I should have one of my own.

Since this is only 50, and not 1000, I couldn't afford the yaht. Instead, I stole one of Weirddave's lifeboats. Currently, I'm drifting out here, with a couple six packs, a bag of chips, and a really dumb looking party hat. I'm having fun out here, but I need some company, dammit! If you talk to the guy at the dock, he'll probably rent you a motorboat to come out and tie up with me, all expenses payed. Here's hoping!

<Jester sits back, about to pop open a beer and wait, then decides that there aren't enough to spare, and saves em for everybody else>
"The man who cannot laugh at himself should be handed a mirror."