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<looking at the monkey's>

Hey Jester. Let's toss these little guys into the water and have them fight. That would be cool. Unless of course they can't swim. Ohh, I never thought of that. THen they would just drown. THat would just suck so much.

<walking over to one of them and attempts to pet it>

I guess we couold just throw one in to see if they float. Come here little guy. We're going to conduct a little experiment with you....AAGGGGHHHH!!

<starts to run around the small life boat with a monkey latched onto his face. eventually he falls into the water and the monkey lets go and floats away. climbs back onto the boat with a smile and scratches all over his face>

Okay, they float. Let's toss them in.

<starts to walk toward the monkeys who are huddled into one corner but is distracted by the used crack pipe>

Hey, what's this. Ohh, I know. Does anybody have any bubble mix.