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Originally posted by Wobbie
<walks over to the life boat stutter is in and knocks on tarp>

Mind if I come in?

Oh my lord, you are soooooo funny. I am still laughing my ass off over your monkey post. That was classic.
You've won me over. I think Jester is looking for other ladies to entertain him. Besides, you need some tending to.
*touches scratched face* Come in here with me. You'll be safe...

...from the monkeys anyway.
Beguiled I am by all you state
Come close, let me reciprocate
And whisper to you words true meant
Of how your charms these arms torment
And then shall word meld unto kiss
As cyber-passion's virtual bliss
Compels devotion, fix'd and utter
To my precious flirty struuter--ianzin
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