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Originally Posted by Tom Tildrum View Post
Respectfully, these analyses get the issue backward. The Democrats had 55% of the overall votes in Senate races, according to the "popular vote" counts going around, but they won two-thirds of Tuesday's Senate races. In other words, the actual 2018 Senate voting results were heavily skewed to over-represent Democratic voters.

Presumably that's equally unjust, of course.
Not necessarily proof of Gerrymandering it all depends on how clumpy the vote is. If those 55% of votes were spread equally throughout the states, then you would expect a 100% Democratic landslide. If they were perfectly clumped into separate piles of 100% one way or the other, then your right the Dems should have won about 55% of the elections. In general (if both sides are equally clumpy) should expect that the party with the most votes picks up a share of representatives that is somewhat more than its share of the vote. The clear examples of something funny going on (one side being clumped together more than the other), is when one party gets more of the vote and picks up fewer representatives, such as in 2012, where Democrats got more than 1.4 million more votes but got 33 fewer seats in congress.

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