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Originally Posted by Sleeps With Butterflies View Post
Bah! You've seen me before. Plus, Arnold's not the boss of me.
But I haven't! And I'm old - really really old!!!!! Do you want me to die not having ever seen your smiling face, leaving my life's dream crushed? Hmmmmmm? Forget Noone and Arnold and think of us fossils out there.

(See Noone? Probably no more effective but slightly less lame. )

Originally Posted by Shot From Guns View Post
I had blue hair all through college, and a mohawk my last year. Stupid grown-up job, making me have grown-up hair.
I have one of those too. Luckily I have been fired before and I'm ready to be fired again. Given the right situation or enough hair again to be outrageous with it. Damn male pattern baldness.

Originally Posted by Arnold Winkelried View Post
Thanks for the beer mate! Don't worry, a little drunk posting never hurt anyone.
A man after my own liver.

Now get the heck away from it -- I'm not done abusing it myself yet!