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Originally Posted by Roderick Femm View Post
Is this something that would be an every-day brew for ordinary people?

I ask because, in these TV programs I watch, every single time someone gets coffee, whether in a cafe, restaurant, or in someone's home, it is always served in nice little china cups, and people rarely get a refill. They never show the actual brewing of the coffee, so I can't tell how it's made.
In Europe, espresso is the norm. Drip coffee is basically unheard of, except at American chains. Even places catering to Americans with usually just have "Americano" - espresso topped up with water -- not drip coffee.

BTW, the little minimugs they serve espresso or Turkish coffee in, are sometimes called "demitasse". It's French for "half-cup." Yes, sizes of beverages are smaller, but in France at least, the traditional espresso cup is still considered half-sized.

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