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Originally Posted by MaxTheVool View Post
Deciding that there's any point to searching that guy's house at all is a BAD decision (again, given the information that we as observers have). Deciding that they should serve that warrant by sneaking up in camouflage and busting down the door with no warning is a TERRIBLE decision. Literally a fatal one.

This, by the way, is a perfect argument for making ALL cops wear body cameras. They've started doing it in a bunch of commands here in San Diego, and they're expanding the program. In an age when every second teenager carries around a hi-def camera in his or her smartphone, we should mandate that our law enforcement officers have one on during all encounters, especially ones like this where they go in with guns drawn.

If they have cameras on, we know what happened. They didn't, so we now have only the word of multiple cops against a woman who saw her husband gunned down in front of her in his own home. And i don't trust them enough not to lie if it's in their own interests.

All states should pass laws requiring body cameras. Make police departments pay for it out of all that civil asset forfeiture money they steal.