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Originally Posted by Steophan View Post
So your theory is that there was, quite literally, a conspiracy. A conspiracy that involved 12 members of the public. Do you have any idea how ridiculous you sound?

No, that didn't happen. What happened is that, like in many other cases, there's little or no evidence the police actually did something wrong - the determination of "wrong" being made by the people's elected representatives and codified into law, rather than by ignorant fools on message boards, of course.
The grand jurors themselves were just pawns being played by a prosecutor who just went through the motions in presenting his case. A conspiracy of one.

I'd say shooting a guy who has been tazed and beaten and lying on the ground to be something wrong. Shooting him 23 times is obscenely wrong. Then planting evidence on his body and doctoring the videos is just icing on the cake.