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Originally Posted by LavenderBlue View Post
I don't know why we're doing that either. It really is largely a waste of time.

My personal bet was a reference by him to Lena Dunham which seems to be the way many conservatives are handing this mess.

The Duggars lunatic beliefs are not exactly hidden. They are religious fanatics with deeply antediluvian viewpoints. They hold sexist views of women, promote hatred against gays and espouse backwards ideas about issues such as evolution. Worse, they hold the belief that they should be allowed to force those views on others who do not share them. The sight of them finally being given the rightful mocking they deserve in the mainstream media is deeply satisfying to most rational people.
Rightful mocking is fine, and I don't object in the least to it.

Mocking that rests on false claims is not rightful.
It was always the Doctor and Sarah.