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Originally Posted by levdrakon View Post
I'm on 37 now. Things have gotten tough, but I did just unlock Wormhole. I'd like to power through to zone 40 and unlock my next challenge. Boy, those Coordinations get demanding, though. My damage and health have gotten pretty useless.

Someone upthread said to only buy one Wormhole?
Well, in addition to just being a building, the very first ever Wormhole you buy gives you an Achievement for +1% damage... which is more than a 10 helium value at that point.

The primary advice I would say about Wormholes is: however many you're going to buy on the run, buy them all on level 37 where they'll do you the most good. Don't be tempted to buy them in the 40s when it slows down more.

If you're planning to stop at or shortly after 40, then buying one for the small boost and achievement seems like a decent plan.

The first time I decided to push on to level 50 I bought 10 in a row during level 37. (due to a quirk in rounding rules, it's better to buy Wormholes individually rather than in multiples.) Once I got to level 50 I made it clear to 60- Collectors are great once you get that far, though I should point out that this run took multiple days that first time.

I don't buy Wormholes any more, but they seem reasonable to buy the first few times you plan to push to 50.