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Originally Posted by Czarcasm View Post
How bad are your eyes if you need a 4K screen to see buttons?
Guess they must be pretty bad.

Originally Posted by Darren Garrison View Post
You really don't grasp the concept of a pit thread, do you, you condescending, patronizing, self-aggrandizing delusional racist asshole?
I'm human like anyone else. I'm no doubt all of those. I just stepped in here to clear up the criticism that isn't true. Yeah, I said something racist on a thread. (don't remember doing it, but it is what it is). Maybe being confident that p=mv and the rate of total progress is accelerating makes me condescending, patronizing and self-aggrandizing when I point out to you people when you're definitely, 100% wrong because reality says you're wrong.

But you're worse. I think most people, if they even read your posts in this thread, would agree you're just pitting yourself. You have added little to nothing of value, made sweeping conclusions without evidence, and are just generally a dick. There's a reason you're one of the only 2 people I have ignored.