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Originally Posted by Happy Lendervedder View Post
That's because you haven't seen anybody yet. It hasn't started yet.
Perhaps. But you totally missed my point, which was that by this point in the cycle the eventual winner of earlier elections was already a nationally known personality of great achievement and/or charisma.

Obama was attracting gasps of awe long before 2006. Bill Clinton had charisma, achievement, and national stature before 1990. Besides the obvious {Clinton, Gore, Biden, Sanders, Warren, Bloomberg, perhaps Cuomo} who do the D's have of such stature and charisma? If you mention names like Harris, Gillibrand, Booker, I'm afraid I'll need to ask for a cite on your dictionary definitions of "charisma, achievement, and national stature" and "gasps of awe."
Some or all of the above statements may be intended as sarcastic.
andros had more faith in an American jury than I had; and he was right. I'm happy to lose a bet and hope this trend continues.