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Originally Posted by Inner Stickler View Post
How is holding a second referendum dictatorial? It strikes me as the very opposite of that. It sounds to me like the leavers are worried they wouldn't win a second vote.
Two plus years ago, a second referendum would have been dictatorial because the UK had just had a vote. ďYou voted wrong! Do it again!Ē Now itís a legitimate option for the government, but itís not a very popular one. Thereís been some fairly large protests demanding a second referendum, but the protestors are seemingly all people that voted Remain in the first place. Thereís been no significant outcry from voters whoíve changed their minds. And the general public sentiment, rather than desiring a revote, is for the government to just get on with it.
Also, a second referendum is impossible for May politically, and overall quite unlikely. Mayís spent the past two and a half years promising Brexit. Iím sure she actually wants to deliver her form of Brexit. But at this point for her, itís either succeed or resign. A staunch Remainer could then try to win the leadership of the Conservative Party, but that would be a longshot. And then that new leader would still face all the same issues of party infighting going on now. That new prime minister could conceivably then try to secure a mandate through a general election. But trying to predict anything at that point, my crystal ball is vibrating violently and shooting out sparks.