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Originally Posted by Magiver View Post
It's interesting you bring this up because the US government use to produce pamphlets on how to make explosives. They were for farmers who wanted to remove tree stumps.

The best way to deal with violence is to fix the cause of it and not the tools used to commit it. Tools are easily replaced.
So what do you think is wrong with American culture that isn't as wrong as, say, Canadian culture? We watch all the same movies and TV shows and whatnot and while we also get the occasional school shooting, it's a a far lower rate, even per capita.

The problem isn't guns at all - they haven't become deadlier in the last fifty years (I suppose manufacturing techniques have improved somewhat, making tolerances tighter and reliability improved), but maybe you just can't have them because you're too stupid/immature to use them wisely and tighter restrictions are necessary on that basis.

It's a hypothesis.
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