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Originally Posted by The Stafford Cripps View Post
It's like that in every part of Europe, and I suspect everywhere in the Old World. I think it would be the same if you were to look at native languages and accents in the New World.

I can map Navarro-Aragonese accents (and even their New World descendants) down to specific villages; 2.SiL and I both realized that the writer of a series of popular novels set in Navarre "couldn't be from here" because of how she treats two specific words, turns out the writer is from neighboring Guipúzcoa (2.Bro had thought his wife was being a tad weird until it turned out I'd noticed the same details, at which point he declared his unconditional and eternal surrender for all language-related matters).

When I was in college in Barcelona, my Catalan dorm-mates spent Saturday afternoons when there was nothing on the TV discussing the geographical borders between the broad a and the narrow a, the muted s and the sonorous s.

While working in Seville I've had Andalusian coworkers dismember somebody's "Andalusian" accent, others point out that in fact the accent in question was correct for a different location in Andalusia, just not for Seville; I can't tell a Jaén accent from a Huelva one but people from Granada can. I can tell Lepe because I worked for a while with a guy who's actually become infamous for his horrible communication skills, which include a Lepe accent so thick you need a cleaver to cut your way through.

And while I wouldn't be able to tell you which one is which right now, I can certify that my Indian coworkers "Indian accents" were very different depending on what their other languages were, which in turn varied with where they came from. For us Spaniards, the Tamiles and the Marathis were a lot easier to understand than the Bengalis: note that all those are simultaneously different regions and different languages.
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