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Originally Posted by DSeid View Post
this whole post was gaslighting.
What Banquet Bear said about 'gaslighting.' The term comes from the 1944 movie and the play it was based on.
Biden is on record as planning to reverse Trump’s tax cuts that inordinately benefitted large corporations and the very wealthiest. He is on record as wanting to expand low income tax credits. He proposes eliminating the “stepped basis loophole” on inheritance and using that to better fund college education.

These are not no changes and all in that room know that these are his plans. And are open to some degree to accepting his taxing them more for the greater good. And to the recognition that they can afford this.
And surely basking in the awareness that if he becomes President, his plan for getting these changes through Congress is to have a beer with Mitch McConnell who will then magically agree to none of it.