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Originally Posted by DSeid View Post
... To me Trump and Biden represent two different negotiation schools of thought.

The Trump school, one that some of the Far Left seems to endorse, is position for the extreme crazy, demonize the other side, and then the other side, theory goes, meets part way as you win and they lose. In reality that does not work so well.

Biden is more the build relationships and discuss and sell the solution as win win side of the spectrum. Doesn't always work either.

I do not endorse the Trump school and in my professional life have found the Biden approach works more commonly. When it comes to the heavy lift of getting enough Ds to stay on board and getting a few Rs to come over I think Biden and his approach has the better chances than anyone else running. He has the most experience with the Party of No and he may be right that post-Trump a few more R senators will see their best self-interest in trying to appear bipartisan.

I also think, as a practical matter, that that approach is what more voters, especially in the general election, want to vote for.
Yes, there are chunks of the voting population---on both the right and the left---who respond eagerly to the politics of resentment. We are the noble and pure; they are the corrupt and evil!

Those who prefer considering opponents humans with whom deals should be sought, exist on both left and right, too. These two (plus) horrible years have demonstrated that there are registered Republicans who genuinely believe in the rule of law (instead of the inherent authoritarianism of us-versus-them) --though, sadly, few of them are currently office-holders.

Are Us-versus-Them fans on the left more numerous than Make-a-Deal fans on the left? As the field of presidential candidates shrinks, we'll get a better idea. Even the debates, this week, will be illuminating. We'll hear the clues in the language of the candidates---and what's picked up by the social media will tell us what's resonating.

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