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Originally Posted by Helmut Doork View Post
The Op is an excellent question- what is going on now is unprecedented in the history of mens tennis- every previous decade saw between 12 and 20 different men win slams, in the 2010's its SIX.

My wag as to the reason- a combination of the three best ever possibly all in their peak simultaneously, coupled with no one else stepping up. A decade or so ago you at least had Roddick and Murray and a couple of others always getting close before losing to the big 3, now you dont even have that.

Theim #4, clay specialist with two clay finals appearances only. Zverev #5, never gotten to a semi in a slam. Tsitsipas 6, only 20 but just lost in the first round at Wimbledon. 7 and 8 are age 30 journeymen with three finals appearances combined. Kyrgios, probably the best raw talent of any of the rest, is a flake. So IMO a bleak future for the mens game.
I wonder, as someone who doesn't really follow tennis much, Is part of it that not only are there randomly three of the best ever all active at the same time (and have mostly avoided injury), but also one of those three happens to be the absolute best-ever clay-court player, so there's no chance for a clay-court specialist to sneak in a few wins in France and elsewhere?