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Originally Posted by excavating (for a mind) View Post
It is interesting how may posters' definition of fascism includes "right wing" when the overwhelming historical examples that most everyone will agree as being fascist (Nazi Germany, USSR, Red China, Prewar Italy) were overwhelmingly "left". It seems to me that fascism requires socialism to work. Even the Spanish Inquisition depended on the Catholic Church, certainly a leftist organization based on leftist ideals (particularly for the time).

This really appears to the only accurate (and neutral) definition.
He got it right.
1) Ah, this old argument. The vertical axis on the Political Compass was more important in this case; you're conflating fascism with authoritarianism. The Nazis were not purely right wing, but they rose with the help of right wing movements and in opposition to leftism.

2) The Spanish Inquisition was under the control of the Spanish monarchs, and done without the influence of Rome.