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Season 6, Episode 7 (July 29, 2019)

Hans Petter Secker: Fortune teller. There should be more tricks done with tarot cards; they're way more interesting to look at than standard playing cards. Anyway, it's clear the corresponding cards were forced on top of the pictures somehow, though I think revealing that the rest of the deck was blank may have tipped his hand too far. I watched it again and I'm still not entirely sure how he did it, but Penn mentions Lennart Green and Gemini Twins, for reference.

Xulio Merino: Spongeologist (fooler). I've seen P&T perform the cups and balls routine so many times (which seemed to incorporate a lot of the same moves as this), I figured they had this one in the bag. I noticed a lot of the sponge balls were in varying sizes and shapes, so I think they were being squeezed together and pulled apart, but that didn't make it any less amazing to watch. The act kept going on and on too, which I think really impressed the boys and automatically earned an FU.

Zoe Lafleur: 12-year-old magician. This young lady had such a strong, confident stage presence (which I've never had, at any age), so kudos to her. The act looked very clean and transparent to me and stumped me completely. In addition to mentioning gambling techniques (?), the code word seemed to be "crimper," but I have no idea what that means. P&T can be a bunch of heartless bastards sometimes, but it would be cool if she comes back to perform in the future.

Josh Farley: Crossword puzzle contortionism. I must be feeling very gullible today because all these tricks baffled me. I have no idea where the lady went, how the kid (short panda) got in the box and stuck his hand out the top, or how the lady wound up at the table at the end (replacing the taller panda, who I guess ducked under the table). Penn referred to the dollhouse illusion, which seemingly has the person sitting in back of the box with legs tucked inside the table, which seems like an impossibly tight fit.

Penn & Teller: Juggler vs. magician. I'm not sure if I totally get the point of this trick. Why did Teller get the bigger applause? I'm assuming the audience was signaled to applaud for him or something else was cut out.