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Question for the MLB experts. In tonight's Astros game, Josh Reddick was at bat with two strikes. It appeared that he hit a foul ball that went off to the right of the line, but he was called out. The box score on Gameday MLB says he was out on "Swinging Strike (blocked)" which Google reveals is Gameday's way of scoring a swinging strike at a ball in the dirt. So Reddick was out on strike 3.

It sure looked like he hit the ball but I guess it's remotely possible the ball was in the dirt, hit the edge of the plate and bounced off toward the dugout. I'd think Reddick would have known if he hit it or not, but who knows. He was mad and got evicted.

Couple of things I don't get. I Googled around but nobody will tell me what the "blocked" part of that is. Blocked by who? the dirt? Google also returns a bunch of info on "dropped" or "uncaught" swinging strikes which is a different thing altogether, as far as I can tell. Can anyone clear this up for me? Did anyone see the play?