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Originally Posted by DragonAsh View Post
I've usually just walked into the local real estate place near where I'm looking to rent.
They've shown me the full listings, not the 'here are the gaijin-friendly' places. I know because I've usually asked about notices in the window.

A few times I've called about ads about places (newspaper flyers etc).
Always got a viewing right away, and there was never 'oh, sorry you're a gaijin'.
Not saying it never happens in Japan. But if it was that common, I'd think I would have run into it at some point given my sample size.
Originally Posted by Isamu View Post
Yep. You were managed around the problem. I phoned up directly about properties I was interested in, first question was if gaijin were OK, they would ask to check and call me back, often with a "no sorry".
I know that I was shown a place or two that I liked and then, later, the agent called and the owner said that they don't take gaijin.

If DragonAsh saw no hint of it - no notice on apartment listings, no rejections after his showings, etc. - I'd venture to guess that it's a combination of sheer luck and/or living someplace like Yokohama or Nagasaki, with a history of being a gaijin area.