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Originally Posted by Manda JO View Post
... Look how careful engineer_comp_geek is here not to actually condemn nate's behavior:

... That's weasel words. That's "it's not my place to say if this is offensive"
You are somehow reading an intent into my words that isn't actually there. I was not using weasel words or saying that it's not my place to say if this is offensive.

My intent with "the OP certainly has some issues" was to agree that the OP is offensive without taking the time to actually spell out what was offensive, since that seemed to me to be clearly stated in other posts. "... to understand why many in this thread are finding his post to be so offensive" is addressing the posts in the thread, and is saying that I hope nate actually gets what people are saying. I'm not weaseling out of saying that the OP is offensive, I'm saying that I hope nate understands why some people in the thread are saying its offensive (because it is offensive).

My point with "We really do not want to encourage posts along the lines of "women make me want to have sex", and we definitely do not want to encourage men's locker room types of posts where men just talk about who they want to have sex with and why" is also to say that in general these types of posts are not acceptable here. You state that there is " No suggestion demeaning descriptions of women and objectifying idioms are a problem at all." when in fact I am explicitly saying the exact opposite of that. Demeaning descriptions of women and objectifying are not acceptable here.

The OP is not being given a pass. The OP is clearly offensive.

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