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What I see here is the uncomfortable balance between being able to discuss an offensive subject and showing tolerance for it.

Let’s say the subject was something more extreme, like pedophelia. A person expresses that little girls and boys just do it for him and he has trouble not being distracted. Maybe he has never actually molested a child, and swears he never will, but he always feels sexual looking at them.

Most people would find that offensive. Horribly offensive. I would, certainly. Can an interesting discussion be held about it? Maybe. But the topic is so unpalatable to most people that it’s difficult. And the question comes up about whether allowing those kinds of comments is showing a tolerance for them, or whether it’s necessary to allow them so they can be talked about.

I honestly don’t know where you draw the line. It’s complicated. How much do you put up with in the name of fighting ignorance and to allow the freedom of discussion?