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The OP of the thread in question didn't say that he has trouble concentrating on anything other than sex when in the presence of women, ask whether other men have this problem, and ask how to deal with it so that he can manage to get a day's work done in a society that doesn't lock women up out of the way someplace but instead considers us to be a normal part of the workplace, the marketplace, the traffic on the streets, and overall life in general. That's a question that could have been discussed in a reasonable fashion.

In order to ask that question it would be in no way necessary to discuss specific parts of women's bodies, and it would certainly not be in any way necessary to refer to women as "this" or "that". Nor would it make sense, if it were a genuine question, to respond to those men who've disagreed with him by saying (in post 86 in that thread) that they can't really disagree and ought to just admit that he's right.

It would also certainly not be necessary to insist that almost all other men are controlled entirely by their sexuality, to the point of being unable to stop themselves from ogling women on the street while the men are driving and also to the point of being unable to hold a sensible conversation even when it's important to do so.

The OP does not appear to be asking a question, or to be asking for help. The OP is, whether or not intentionally, insulting both women (by calling us things, and by saying that our bodies automatically overwhelm anything we might be saying and anything else we might be doing) and other men (by insisting that men in general are unable to control their sexual desires sufficiently to keep their attention on anything else.)

-- wolfpup, I am myself very far from being driven away. But when there are women telling you that women are being driven away by this sort of thing, calling that idea "silly" is most certainly not going to help.