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Originally Posted by Kobal2 View Post
You misunderstand my point in your haste to mock.
Your "point" was wrong in the way you stated it.

You are free to clarify your point, as you have now tried to do, but I would suggest that a more reasonable technique in the future is to admit candidly when a statement is incorrect, rather than fecklessly shifting the blame to others for "misunderstanding" your "point", when your statements were flatly false as written.

Originally Posted by Kobal2 View Post
...for one thing I never did read it in its entirety, just the bits with all the pictures, for another what I did read was millions of years ago....


Better now ? Not too monosyllabic for you ?
Yes, that's much better.

You have now clearly admitted that you didn't read the whole book, and what you read was an extremely long time ago. I'm fine with that. That makes perfect sense. That's a great explanation for why you wrote false things about it.