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Originally Posted by Balthisar View Post
I'm not ashamed to admit that I like Taco Bell. It's good grub....
Oh! Me too. I'm way to ignorant to know how (in)authentic it is, though. Anything even plausibly Mexican is quite a recent thing round these parts.

Originally Posted by terentii View Post
Probably one of these:

Horrid as they are, I actually developed a taste for them when I lived in Cambridge. I can still see myself standing in the rain after midnight, buying one from a street vendor on my way home from a pub crawl.
God, this brings back student memories. These "burgers" were reviled and avoided, but the night Fiff fell through a jukebox (don't ask) and I was the only one with enough wit to take him to A&E/ER to be stitched back together..... at some point in the ravenous early morning, when it was still difficult to say which of us was more pissed, we stopped off and had one of these out of desperation. Poor bastard - cut to ribbons and then reduced to eating that....