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Originally Posted by Not Carlson View Post
Thank you, Kimtsu.
You have articulated my feelings much better than I could have.

Nevertheless, for my part, I am curious why Sage Rat thinks those social media posts and images are such a big deal. (Or if he doesn't, why he's spent so much time insisting that we give them especial consideration.)
Because denialism annoys me. As said, it doesn't matter if all they prove is that Omar has nasty feet - which doesn't even have anything to do with the topic - if the people that I'm talking to are telling me that the images are falsified and refuse to look at them.

I'm not going to explain this again. If you read the words that I write to mean, "I think that Omar is guilty of malfeasance" when I'm writing "Stop being mentally lazy" because you're inferring that I'm calling you lazy because you don't agree with me, then stop inferring. That's another level of you trying to convince yourself to be lazy. There is no subtext. I don't care whether Omar is guilty or innocent, has wonderful feet or nasty feet.

Trust that what I write exactly what I mean with no deeper nor malicious nor argumentative angle pro nor con of Ilhan Omar. We could be arguing about whether cheese is a good natural deodorizer and if you're refusing to investigate and refusing to consider even really crappy evidence, using bizarre and outlandish reasoning, I'm going to be just as much telling you that you need to see a neurologist.

The "bizarre and outlandish" is the issue, not the deodorizing qualities of cheese. Cheese just isn't something that excites me one way or the other. Widespread mental illness, on the other hand, is something that concerns me and worries me.

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