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Originally Posted by kopek View Post
I have to admit that my taste runs to older horror and I am a major fan of the "lost world" type films and stop-motion. This is all to explain that for me it's

At least right now. Last winter I would have probably said "Cannibal: The Musical"
I grew up on Dinosaurus, and love the film (I strongly believe that the fight between the T. Rex and the steam shovel inspired the fight between Ripley in the Loader vs. the Alien Queen in James Cameron's Aliens), but it's got too many flaws to be my favorite.

The Wah Chang stop motion is way below Harryhausen standards, and in a lot of scenes it's clearly not even animated at all -- they used a puppet to save time and money. For my money there are better dino flicks to choose as a favorite.

But, hey, I could see if Dinosaurus hits your Sweet Spot. I was just looking at the Dell comic adaptation of it a couple of days ago, and felt that warm rush of nostalgia.
The makers of the GoPro have to come out with a model called the "Quid"