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Cut down day for the NFL. The teams have to go from 90 to their regular season 53 man roster. That's a lot of disappointed players. And some opportunities for bargain shopping for teams.

So far, some important news:

1) LeSean McCoy was cut by the Bills. Take note Zeke and Melvin: teams are becoming more reluctant to give big contracts to RBs.

2) The Texans traded Jadaveon Clowney to the Seahawks for a third round pick and a couple players (including Browns' washout Barkaveious Mingo). Boy the Texans fucked that up really good.

3) The Bucs cut Vinnie Testaverde. I had no idea that the real Vinnie Testaverde had a son, yet alone one on an NFL roster for a ilttle.

Should be interesting to see what happens. Cuts are due by 3:00 today.

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