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Originally Posted by Gray Ghost View Post
Well, yeah. The next big injury Watt gets will be his last one.

They aren't good---the secondary in particular was much poorer than it should've been---and they are playing a much tougher schedule this year. With a Murderer's Row of QBs, even minus Luck. Losing Clowney will not help. Barky Mingo?? Shaking head, sadly...

Texans UNDER 8.5 was one of the easiest prop bets I've ever seen.
I'm not saying I took them first round for fuck sake, but any secondary can cover for 2.4 seconds, which was the hope. Fantasy ain't about keeping the score down, it's about sacks , fumbles, and returns. That is why in today's NFL that D-rush are so prized. Lose the rush, and lose the season. With that secondary,