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Originally Posted by ElvisL1ves View Post
And yet we somehow do have both a standing army and the Guard. How can that be, except that you're wrong?

Cite? And not that "unorganized" (and certainly not well-regulated, even if existent) militia nonsense.
To the extent that's true (and I agree), only militia use is covered by the Second, other uses simply not being addressed and left to statute. That's how it was seen, without serious argument, until the individual-right misinterpretation was manufactured just a few decades ago.

They themselves reversed their decision on having a standing army very shortly after ratification. They'd be horrified at some things, sure, but hardly that.

By reading what they actually wrote, all of it and in context, and not by denial or handwaving if we don't like what it says or doesn't say.
It was accepted as clear for most of our history. What changed, and why?
The Guard is part of the standing army. for the nth time, the National gd is no longer part of the Militia.

What happened is that the USA decided to go overseas during WW1, and thus we needed a standing army to meddle in overseas affairs. This became very helpful in WW2, where we prevented the Axis from winning.

Yes, it's the unorganized militia, which was (and still is, kinda) the law and has been since the uSA was born. No "nonsense" there.

No, again, the 2nd started out as a bare bones right to bear arms but the "no standing army" faction insisted on the Militia clause.

They did, then dissolved it to a great extent. Actually the uSA standing army was tiny except during wartime up thru the WW2. Read about how tiny and unprepared our Army was at the start of WW1 and WW2.

However, altho a few states still have one, the Militia is now Obsolete. Scotus has ruled that we have a Right to protect ourselves and our homes, just like we have a right to privacy, etc.

So all this argle bargle over "militia" is pointless.