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Originally Posted by ElvisL1ves View Post
That was a close decision, one that they themselves reversed very quickly. The debate is, for better or worse, best remembered for Gerry's quip ďA standing army is like a standing member. Itís an excellent assurance of domestic tranquility, but a dangerous temptation to foreign adventure.Ē The US established the standing Regular Army in 1791. There were no major objections raised, and no need seen to amend or drop the Second. ...
Yes, but except in times of war the Standing army was small and feeble. The FF had no issue with that, as long as it was so small and feeble the various state militias outnumbered it decisively. The point was that the Militias were a counterpoint to the Standing army.

Now we have a huge powerful expensive standing army, and only a few feeble state militias. (the National gd is not a militia)