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I started binge-watching before it was a common term with 24. Here was what I said at the time:

I've had the idea of taping a whole season of something and watching it all at once since FX re-ran all the major conspiracy-related episodes of The X-Files a few years ago, like four or five episodes a night for a whole week. What a way to catch up!
That became my go-to model for new shows when possible: just wait for the first season to be done, see how the people who watched it felt it held up, then go all-in. This saved me from such mistakes as The Event and whatever that "all the power went out and nobody knows why" show from a while back. It's a lot easier now, and there are plenty of exceptions I make (e.g., the CW DC mulitverse shows), but history has caught up with me and it's a lot more common for streaming services to drop entire seasons at a time, so I can just wait a few weeks and ask around.