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Originally Posted by Chimera View Post
I read that an hour ago, just paused, opened my mouth and shook my head. My brain contemplated the idea for like 0.25 seconds and then said "No. Just, no. You can't make me try to imagine that."
What'll really bake your noodle is that if our theories are correct, and we have reasons to think they are, then all the world will eventually converge onto these ideas.

Aumann's agreement theorem says that two people acting rationally (in a certain precise sense) and with common knowledge of each other's beliefs cannot agree to disagree. More specifically, if two people are genuine Bayesian rationalists with common priors, and if they each have common knowledge of their individual posterior probabilities, then their posteriors must be equal.

Once every sentient being is an AI or a human converted to a computer and has sufficient processing power, we will all have the same common set of data about the world and the adequate cognitive ability to converge on the same conclusions. In the more immediate future, we're mere years away from limited function data analysis tools that can augment human intelligence and thus produce the correct conclusions given the data.

I consider it a higher probability that "our" (me and the other members of the site) current analysis is closer to the one true correct analysis that "your" (you mentally challenged individuals in this thread) analysis. It's just a guess...but a rational one.

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