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Originally Posted by SamuelA View Post
Then why claim to ignore me and say you don't care as loudly and repeatedly as possible?

You know I don't claim to know the answer to your question because I don't know the way the future will go. Ultimately all that theorem really means in this context, as wolfpup points out :

a. Physical reality is a game with fixed rules. Like all games, one and only one optimal strategy exists, given the same end goal.

b. As smarter beings begin to replace humans - whether that be AIs, cyborgs, genetically engineered humans, it doesn't matter - those beings will have the neural ability to follow more optimal strategies. I know what I am doing now is not optimal, but my cave man emotions won't let me do what I know is better. (hence I don't have a 6-pack, 5 girlfriends, and a job as a quant making 500k a year, even though there exists a sequence of actions I could have logically worked out and taken to get there if I were an inhuman, rational agent)

c. Smarter beings will also have vastly more memory capacity and ability to share data with each other digitally.

Hence, if beings can share data with each other digitally, and analyze it using the most optimal strategy they know about in common, they will reach the same conclusion. In the same way that 2 calculators agree with each other as wolfpup points out.

Part of the reason this idea has impressed me is that religion, politics, personal lifestyle choices - they are all strategies to accomplish goals. Given the same goals and knowledge of the optimal strategy, rational beings wouldn't have 5000 opinions for religion/politics/personal choices. A correct answer (where correct means "most probable strategy to accomplish your goals) exists for each of these "taboo" topics.

If you encountered another being with a different opinion, you could just plug your serial ports together or whatever and swap memory files. You would literally be able to work out mathematically why that being's opinion is different. Maybe one of you is unaware of the most optimal strategy - you could share it with the other, they could run that strategy on their experiences, determine it has a higher expected value, and switch over.
This only works if we also share the same goals. Just the difference of you liking chocolate ice cream, and me preferring vanilla means that that won't work.

And if your solution to that is that we will DETERMINE which is better, and that we will all like chocolate from then on, what you are describing isn't a post singularity society, it is a hive mind.