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Originally Posted by Odesio View Post
This might be burdensome to smaller businesses. Perhaps requiring all employers with 50 or more employees to use E-Verify might be a bit more practical.
Umm, how? Could we discuss in more details how burdensome it is to enter a person's documents into a website. Well, you need a computer and internet access. And how long do you think per employee. 15 minutes? An hour?

How big a burden are you anticipating?

Originally Posted by l0k1 View Post
If you change I9 requirements so that employers have to file an I9 return, and the Government has to verify the return, then we could accomplish the same thing. In my 26 year career, I've only seen one company ever audited for I9 compliance.
...what. So the Federal government is de facto a willing participant in illegal immigration. They are on purpose letting millions of them work (and yes, displace American workers or at least drive down their wages) while show deporting a few thousand of them.

This is actually a reasonable argument for amnesty. De facto, the federal government has allowed these people to stay, sometimes decades, and have children here. They shouldn't be kicked out.

Originally Posted by Babale View Post
Better than a wall, yes. However, if these illegal immigrants are here and working, that means they're paying taxes (unless they're being paid in cash only, but the cash only jobs could also just ignore E-VERIFY). Why would we want to deport someone who has a job and is contributing to our society?
Then why don't we let these people in openly instead of forcing them to be a permanent underclass? Do you think there should be any limit to the numbers allowed through?

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