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Originally Posted by k9bfriender View Post
E-verify needs to be improved dramatically first.

Right now, it doesn't really do much. It doesn't check to tell if the documents presented belong to the person presenting them. It doesn't tell if they are real or if they are fake. All it does is tells whether or not a particular taxpayer ID (typically SS #) is being used suspiciously. It will allow a large number of unauthorized workers to fall through the cracks.

As far as false positives, that creates a headache for employer and employee. I've never been flagged, but when I worked for a utility company, one of the guys that got hired with me got flagged. They straightened it out eventually, but he was on basic office duty while the rest of us were in training. I was out of training and making another $2.50 an hour before he started training, about 6 weeks. So, E-verify cost the employee $2.50 an hour times 40 hours times 6 weeks, or about $600, not including overtime, and it cost the company a few weeks of paying him while he was being very unproductive.
I had no idea it was this crappy. A sane "E-verify" system would :

a. Collect some kind of biometric of the employee. A photo of their face is fine.
b. In the back end, the biometrics would get cross referenced to other users of that SSN.
c. Impose no direct burden on the employer. Instead, it triggers an investigation and the employer is not directly aware of it. A detective will come and interview the suspicious employee. If they turn out to not be a citizen, well, they get first notified in writing that they have been found not to be a citizen and they have 90 days or so to either produce evidence proving they are, or they can sign up for the transportation back to their home country.

Failing to comply in 90 days, that would be when jails get used.

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