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Originally Posted by cmosdes View Post
Can you connect those dots for me? I'm not seeing how bargaining for witnesses is linked to duress for Senators or how that would tell us which Senators are under duress and which ones aren't. Also, as I said before, isn't *every* Senator under duress?
Yes, and you also implied that there should be duress, which is false and I fail to see any argument in favor of it.

A close normal world example might be corporate hierarchy. It's generally accepted that it would be bad for your superior, 3 levels up, to be jumping over the heads of his subordinates to give you orders, fire you, or whatever else.

Just because you are the boss does not mean that you can or should command the results (context depending). Once you delegate control of X to a particular person, then you are expected to stand back and accept that you have delegated .

And that's just talking about voters.

If we were talking about two managers in a company, both wrangling for a bigger slice of the budget - where they know that it's between them or the other guy - it's one thing to send your boss some champagne and talk down the other team and another to tell all your underlings to insert malicious code into the services that the other team is going to take over.

At the end of the day, we're all on the same team. Jostling and bargaining within your territory is fine and reasonable. Doing things that are in direct conflict with your duties, and harmful to the organization, just to get your way is not.