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It was a Dark and Stormy night...

Originally Posted by bump
Hey! I have some Idris Ginger beer, and a bottle of Lamb's Navy Rum. What are the proper proportions of rum & ginger beer for a good Dark & Stormy?
Well, this is how I learned to make them tending bar at a place frequented by a crowd of very picky and thirsty Jamaicans....

2 1/2 oz. Black Seal Rum
7 1/2 oz. Ginger Beer

in a highball or pint glass, over ice (crushed is best, cubed if not).
Full Lime Wedge.

Adjust proportions to suit taste. A true ginger beer is tangy enough to offset the sweetness perfectly, but different rums will need different levels of each to make the perfect mix.

Drink Deeply. Repeat as needed.

Picker, MD (Doctor of Mixology )