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Originally Posted by Telemark View Post
It's possible that headlines are not reality.
Dare I say...fake news?

As for the OP: I think Americans are better tempered than you realize. For many, no harm is wished upon the big Creamcicle (orange white supremacist). For others it's a matter of, "That miserable life is not equal to my own, no way in hell would I wreck mine to end his." There's "I refuse to give his followers a martyr." And the ever popular, "That's not how democracy works!" There are a few attention whores out there, but they prefer to shoot things like students or party-goers because people care if those sorts of folks get hurt. Blow Trump away and you'll get, "Aw gee, now we gotta endure President Pence." (There's just no pleasing some people)
Y'all are just too damned serious. Lighten up.

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