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Not me, but when I was in...wanna say 5th or sixth grade (so I would've been 11...12? I'm thinking early 80's at any rate. Wait - I remember John Lennon was killed that year, so 1980.) Our class was a sort concept classroom? Anyway, it was adjacent to another 5th grade class taught by ironically enough, Mr. Haller, who made very frequent and liberal use of the paddle. The classes only had a 2/3rds-high wall between them or something weird so we could distinctly hear every swat and the kids crying. This happened like once a week or something.

Funny story (in retrospect, not at the time): Depending on the teacher the discipline was left up to the parents and one time in second grade a friend and I were joking around and writing notes to each other. I don't remember the context (I think we were both trying to be obnoxious and shocking or something) and I tore a piece of my paper off (remember that kind of paper where you drew a picture on top and then wrote the story on the wide lines underneath?) and wrote "Jenny is full of fucker" (LOL!) on it and passed it to her. She gasped and brought it up to the teacher, who came and pulled the rest of the paper out of my desk, taped the pieces together, called my parents and I got the biggest spanking ever from my dad. I can't believe out of all the "bad" things I did as a kid that was treated as the worst offense.