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Hello all, I found this forum while Googling something completely unrelated. After perusing the information I was looking for I poked around a bit and found this thread relevant to my interests, so I signed up. I looked for an "Intro Thread" like some forums have but found no such thing, so I decided to just proceed on here. If I missed it, and someone feels like pointing me in the right direction, that would be great.

That being said, I'm like one of the other posters on page one that is a childless adult who still enjoys his cartoons. It appears I have missed a bit of the newer episodes, but I don't mind spoilers much so nothing was ruined for me. The last episode I watched(can't remember title) was the one in which Garnet was still fuming at Pearl for tricking her into continually fusing into Sardonyx, but eventually cooled off after splitting down to Ruby and Sapphire and letting each half deal with it in their own way. I'll have to play some catch up when I can get to the episodes I missed.

I really enjoy the presentation of the show, it reminds me of the Nick cartoons of my youth in the sense that they can be innocent at times but also straddle the line of dark humor that may or may not be appropriate for kids.