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New episode aired tonight as part of a weeklong Steven Bomb. "The Answer" has Garnet telling the story of how Ruby and Sapphire met and joined the Crystal Gems. It's told in a somewhat stylized style, with the already-known characters (Ruby, Sapphire, Garnet, Pearl, Rose Quartz) with their regular designs and voices and the incidental characters and background done in silhouette with Garnet provides their voices along with the narration.

Interesting points:

-Blue Diamond is in this episode, but we don't see her (hidden behind a veiled palanquin) or hear her (Garnet provides the voice in her story). We see her Pearl, though.
-Sapphire was a high ranking gem and a member of Blue Diamond's court, which explains her frou-frou princess dress and opera gloves.
-Sapphire was summoned to Earth in the early days of the rebellion specifically to provide her future vision. She came with three Ruby bodyguards, one of which was our Ruby.
-Sapphire's initial prophecy was that the Crystal Gems would attack their present location (The Sky Arena), and would be defeated, ending the rebellion, but only after a certain number of gems, including two Rubies and Sapphire herself, were destroyed. Sapphire is very fatalistic about this.
-Rose and Pearl sure know how to make an entrance and fight. Rose takes down the fused Rubies with one shot, and Pearl takes out several larger gems and is prepared to cut down a passive Sapphire before Our Ruby intervenes by jumping to protect Sapphire and ends up fusing with her accidentally, invalidating her earlier prophecy.
-Confirmed that, while fusion among gems of the same type is common on Homeworld, fusion with a different type of gem is seen as anathema. Blue Diamond actually sentences Ruby to death for daring to fuse with a high status gem, which causes Sapphire to flee with Ruby and defect.
-Everything about Ruby and Sapphire in the is ep is awesome.