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blob hints at an issue: It might be nice if the ability to pay were more out front, where people can see it. It would help with how humans work: out of sight, out of mind and all that. It would also let new people see it.

I also would like to recommend a smaller donation category--basically, the smallest you can get away with and still make money after fees and stuff. Allowing a small amount will make it more of an impulse purchase. You have some extra change, and you see that donation button, and so you figure "why not" and throw it in.

I know I always find it easier to throw in a dollar or two than to try and go through than to pay something like $10. I know that 10 $1 donations aren't as good as a single $10 donation, but I think the increase in uptake might make up for that.

And if I'm reminded by a simple but unobtrusive button or thin banner at the top of the page, I'd be more likely to remember and drop a couple bucks when I have it to spare. It's how every other site I contribute to has worked.

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