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Originally Posted by iiandyiiii View Post
She probably wasn't intending to utilize the trope of a Jewish conspiracy controlling money and using it to manipulate people, but just as there are words, references, and allusions that one should avoid using when criticizing a black person, the same goes for criticing a Jewish person (or Jewish organization), IMO. That doesn't mean that all the criticism against her is reasonable -- much or most of it is not. Especially those that criticized her for daring to question the US relationship and support for Israel. It's entirely reasonable to question our relationship with and support for Israel; it's not reasonable to utilize anti-semitic tropes (intentionally or not) when doing so.
I don't see how you can complain about the pro-Israeli lobby without bringing money into it. For the record and just so we're clear, Israel's not the only country that has interests, or that uses money to try to corrupt the American political system to further their interests. Obviously Russia and China do the same thing. Saudi Arabia does it too, obviously. A lot of countries do. She's not saying "Jews control the banks and the media" -- that's a trope. But saying that American politicians are easily influenced by Israeli money is not the same thing. It's as though some people are saying any comment that criticizes the pro-Israeli lobby's attempts to influence our system monetarily (among other things) is akin to making antisemitic remarks, and I just don't buy that and I think we're gullible as hell if we establish that as a precedent.

I personally think Omar probably does have strong biases against Israel, but that doesn't mean she can't make that kind of remark. I would nevertheless agree, however, that her own ethnicity makes it difficult, if not impossible, for her to make such remarks without inviting suspicion, which is why she should probably stay away from foreign policy and just focus on how Trump sucks at presidentin'. Even though I don't like the precedent it establishes in terms of criticism of Israel, I can't say I'm entirely against the idea of the Democratic party reining her in and taking away her microphone.