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Originally Posted by clairobscur View Post
So, in the workplace, if you're a man touching a woman, you do that at your own risk even though most people wouldn't consider that you have done any wrong in a case like the one described.
I do consider that kind of touch wrong in the workplace. It wasn't to grab the attention of someone who was distracted or in his way. It wasn't done as a friendly greeting. It wasn't done for a positive purpose. It was done to control the person to get them to stop talking. There are more workplace-appropriate ways to handle that situation that don't involve touching. A touch like was described is like telling the person to shut up. There was no need to touch her at all. Just saying "let's table this for next time" is sufficient.

Giving someone a pat on the back for a job well done is a positive action even if the person might like to be touched. But putting a hand on their back (or wrist or wherever) and telling them that they need to stop talking is a controlling action. That's what I see as a difference in the justification for someone being offended by being touched. They may not like being touched in general, but if the touch is done for a negative reason, then I think they are justified in being upset and that kind of touching should be generally not done at work.