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Originally Posted by filmore View Post
... A touch like was described is like telling the person to shut up. There was no need to touch her at all. Just saying "let's table this for next time" is sufficient. ...
Of those choices I'd see the light touch on the wrist as the least offensive and most appropriate way to communicate the need to move on, assuming that getting eye contact and communicating with facial expression is not possible. Overtly verbally interrupting a co-worker who is going on way too long, even without literally saying "shut up" is a bigger thing than the light touch on the wrist perhaps coupled with a quick look. Yes all communicate the same thing: "we need to wrap up here; please finish up." ... of the options the light touch on the wrist leaves the most power in the hands of the speaker as to whether or not to comply with the request and how to do it. Talking over the person, verbally cutting them off, with the request to wrap it up, would be worse, much more than what is "sufficient".