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Originally Posted by ralph124c View Post
Regarding oil: Germany had a large program to produce synthetic petroleum..was it ever able to make a significant amount of it? My understanding that Romania remained the main source of oil..and that supply was precarious.
This is a zombie thread so I hope the Mods aren't too harsh.

Germany had a synthetic oil programme but it could never produce enough oil or kerosene after Romania fell.

As for my original question, further research has indicated Goering was a manipulative and deceitful political operator. However he was also extremely lazy, conceited and paid little attention to detail (he also looted on a vast scale).

However the main thrust- was he up to the job? Possibly. Did he do it? No. He left the running to lackeys like Udet and Milch and priorities were dreadful. As an example the same amount of aluminium would be given to a factory producing a small fighter as to a factory producing a Heinkel bomber. Many factory workers had great aluminium ladders.

In a lot of ways he was like Hitler- issue vague directives and leave it to someone else. That Germany never produced in quantities a decent heavy bomber says a lot.

(I could also add that he had an obsession with his first wife- something his second wife was not really pleased about. And other members of the heirarchy didn't like his second wife either).