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Originally Posted by Wrenching Spanners View Post
Clinton also believed that golf rules were flexible when he was involved.
Rick Reilly, a man who is serious about golf, doesn't like Clinton's cheating either.

But, based on what Reilly wrote, Clinton's cheating doesn't bother me.

-- Bill Clinton does not claim to have won eighteen (or any) club championships.

-- Clinton cheats, or cheated, openly.

-- Clinton cheats to gleefully help himself, not to hurt others. Bill doesn't race ahead in his double-speed golf cart, then throwing an opponent's ball in the rough, as does my current President.

-- Bill Clinton does not refuse to pay people who joined his clubs before he purchased them, and then resigned from the club, the contractually refundable portion of their original initiation fee. Admittedly, a big reason for this is that Bill Clinton doesn't own any golf clubs. But, if he did, I suspect they would be legitimate businesses rather than a near-Ponzi-scheme to fleece the people who joined the clubs before Trump bought them (read the book).

-- Bill Clinton does not recruit the Secret Service to cheat for him.